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Predeparture place change   (New) 
Dear participants!
We have to inform you that there has been a change in the predeparture orientation place for the whole next week. So all of you having the orientation from Monday, May 26 to Sunday, June 1 will have to come to GASIS at Kibalchicha, 7, VDNKH. Please check the information at your personal page here again to confirm the information as it has been corrected for you.
Thank you and good luck!
2008 May, 21, 09:41 pm

Flight Info Open   (New) 
Dear participants!
Information about your flights and pre-departure orientations is available at the page Flight Departure of our website. Please check it, print the information out for your reference and don't forget to confirm the info on your page.
2008 April, 29, 11:00 am

Documents to take with you to the pre-departure orientation   (New) 
In section «YOUR DOCUMENTS» there is new information about the documents that you need to take with you to the pre-departure orientation. Please, visit the page and find out more...
2008 April, 28, 07:54 pm

Work Experience Discount!   (New) 
Dear students!
We remind you that acceptance to both programs is still open and your last chance to grab your best summer in the US is now! We are happily announce that there will be no increase in Work Experience price as of March 1! So you will still be able to apply in March with the regular price! Don't miss the chance to save on one of the best opportunities of your life! Fill out the application now!
2008 February, 19, 02:39 pm

Visa Interviews in Moscow   (New) 
Dear participants!
Today we had the first group interview in the US embassy in Moscow. All the students got the visas! Congratulations to all of us! NB Please note that you need to have appropriate clothing as waiting outside in front of the embassy can be long at times.
2008 February, 12, 12:10 pm

Visa Interviews   (New) 
Dear RS participants!
Visa interviews at the American embassy are starting soon! Please start checking the interview page of our website to find out your personal interview details.
2008 February, 6, 01:16 pm

Camp Fair 2008   (New) 
Dear students!
CCUSA gives you a great opportunity to choose your placement at a summer camp in the USA meeting camp directors in person! Camp Fair 2008 will bring more than 25 camps not only to Moscow but also to Saint Petersburg! If you are still deciding if you should apply - the time is now! You will choose the type of camp to work at, location, contract start date and you will meet the supervisors in person! Click here for more information!
2008 January, 15, 12:39 pm

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!   (New) 
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
May this coming year be a lot of success and bring you good memories, experiences and opportunities of a lifetime and the best summer in your life! All the best!
CCUSA Russia team
2008 January, 6, 01:25 pm

New regulations for J-1 visas   (New) 
Dear students!
The US embassy has introduced the new rules for J-1 visas for the season. There will be no limitations of the number of times you can participate in the program and first and final year students are now eligible. So if you participated in J-1 program twice or more you can come back again! If you are a first year student and you are eligible by age you can apply now! If you are a final year student you will need to prove that you will come back showing either a job offer from a Russian company or a proof of acceptance for a post graduate course! Click here and start working on the best summer of your life!
2007 November, 9, 02:02 pm

Photo and story contest 2007 winners   (New) 
Dear friends!
We are happy to announce the winners of our photo and story contest 2007.
Thanx for everyone who shared memories with us!
2007 October, 31, 12:03 pm

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