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Discount list   (New) 
Dear students!
Congratulations to those of you who managed to apply early and will be able to pay discounted program price for CCUSA program! Here is the list of applicants that have completed the application before September 3d. Contact your area representatives or our Moscow office to finalize the application process. For those of you who are still planning to apply the APPLICATIONS FOR BOTH PROGRAMS ARE OPEN! Apply now!
2007 October, 3, 11:36 am

Photo Contest   (New) 
Dear participants!
Now when most of you are already at home it is time to pull out the photos illustrating the best summer of your lives and submit them for our photo contest! We will be announcing the winners on October 31, so you have just a few weeks left to share your pics and win the prises!
Good luck!
2007 October, 3, 11:25 am

Early Bird Discount!!!   (New) 
Dear participants!
We are opening our CCUSA application center early this year so you can plan your summer ahead of time and get a discount! If you apply by September 3, 2007 you pay last year`s price!!!
To be able to use this great offer you need to complete the application in full and pay the fees.
Contact your area representatives or Moscow office for details. Tell your friends about this great offer and you can not just share the best summer of your life with them but help them save some money as well!!!
Click here to apply now!
2007 August, 21, 04:49 pm

Return Verification KZ and UV   (New) 
Dear Kazakhstan and Ukraine participants!
Please note that you need to present all the documents listed below to your local area representatives as well, these will also be submitted to the American embassies in your home countries. The deadline to return to home country is October 1 for Kazakhstan and September 1 for Ukraine.
2007 August, 15, 01:07 pm

Return Verification   (New) 
Dear Participants!
We would like to remind you that all of you must complete CCUSA/WEUSA programs by October 1, 2007. Please also do not forget to provide us the following documents as proof of your return to Russia.
- original of ds2019 form
- original boarding pass containing your name and flight information. Direct flights to Russia require one boarding pass. Non-direct return travel requires more than one boarding pass from U.S. to destination before re-entry to Russia.
- or Original external passport containing re-entry date stamp to Russia, if you lost your boarding passes.
These documents must be provided by October 20, 2007 to Moscow office. You can post them directly to Moscow or give them to your area representative. Any questions regarding proof of your return please direct to
Moscow office address:
107031 Moscow
ul. Petrovka 19/1
2007 August, 9, 02:58 pm

Au Pair in Munchen   (New) 
Liebe Teilnehmerinnen, wenn Sie als Au-pair in München (Bayen) arbeiten möchten, bitte, rufen Sie Elena Belozyorova an. Wir haben sehr gute Familien für Sie.
CCUSA, Moskau
2007 August, 7, 03:06 pm

Story contest   (New) 
Dear participants!
We`d like to make our web site more informative and interesting. We are in the process of gathering useful and exciting information about each state. We can do it better with your help! Please, send us your stories about the state you are staying in: what were your expectations, myths and reality; most exciting things you`ve seen, done, experienced. Please, send your stories to Xenia at Authors who will send us the most interesting stories will get valuable prizes! Good luck!
CCUSA Russia team
2007 July, 10, 02:29 pm

Last Flight!!!   (New) 
Dear Participants! We are happy to announce that today our last participant left for the USA. Have a GREAT summer and experience more than just a tourist!!!
CCUSA Russia team
2007 July, 10, 12:42 pm

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