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Camp Counselors USA Program gives you the chance to work in US summer camps, and then to travel around the country. There are thousand of different camps in America; the majority of them are outside the cities in various picturesque places. Children do sports, play active games, attend different activities, participate in competitions, concerts etc at camp.

Energetic young people, who work with children, are called Camp Counselors. 24 hours a day Counselors spend with children and bear responsibility for them. During the day they instruct children, play with them, participate in various activities, and in the end of day they put children to bed.

Those who work «behind the curtain», are called as Support Staff. They provide normal work of camp, helping in the kitchen, work in the laundry, and are engaged in maintenance work.

Since 1986, CCUSA has been placing international participants at the finest summer camps in the USA. As the sponsor CCUSA has the license of US State department for the implementation of the student exchange programs. Thereupon CCUSA has the right to issue the special forms necessary for applying for the visa of cultural exchange J-1. CCUSA is known for reliability and quality of the programs, an individual approach to each participant all over the world.

Full-time student  are accepted to the program. Young teachers working at schools or HIGH SCHOOLS on the full time basis are also accepted to the program to the position of the Camp Counselors. You should be at least 18, but no more than 27 years to participate in the program. Students, who earlier participated in Work and Travel Programs, are not accepted to Camp Counselors USA program. If you are interested in working as the Counselor, you are supposed to have some experience in working with children
The Program includes:
  • The placement at the camp that suits you the most;
  • Insurance for 3 months;
  • Pre-Departure information meeting in Moscow;
  • J-1 visa that allows you to work in the US up to 4 months;
  • Twenty-four hour emergency assistance hotline once in the USA;
  • CCUSA On Line International Staff Handbook – full of practical information;N category includes:

  • The Camp provides you with the accommodation, meals and the pocket money before tax :

    SupportStaff                                  US$1,650
    Counselor age 18:                        US$1,285
    Counselor age 19-20:                   US$1,550
    Counselor age 21 and over:        US$1,645
    AdvancedSkill Option
    Counselorage 18:                         US$1,385
    Counselorage 19-20:                    US$1,650
    Counselorage 21 and over:          US$1,745
    *If you work in camp over 9  weeks (or 11 weeks at Day Camps) for each additional day you receive 30$ (if you the Camp Counselor) and 40$ (if you are the Support Staff). If you work as the Camp Counselor in camp for children with specific requirements, you receive additional 100$.
    Advantages of the Camp Counselors USA program
    • CCUSA will find you the camp which meets your requirements;
    • specially for this purpose we hold the individual interviews with each participant;
    • great work experience and valuable point in your resume;
    • a cultural exchange experience and friends from all aver the world;
    • ability for travel in the USA;
    • bigger amount of pocket money in comparison with other similar programs;
    • excellent practice of English language;
    • lower program fees in comparison with similar camp programs;
    • the best summer of your life!