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Program Types: Independent or Placement
Work Experience USA has earned a reputation as the premier J-1 international work placement program. With WEUSA, you can work for up to four months from May through September in virtually any occupation you can imagine. The job might be similar to the one you have at home, it could be a valuable work experience relating to your field of study or something completely new.
Independent option
Our Independent Option gives you total freedom and flexibility in finding a job anywhere in the USA before leaving your home country. We give you all the tools you need to find the job and location you want.

CCUSA Interactive Independent Job Search Web Site
Once you become a CCUSA participant, you can go online to our Interactive Independent Job Search Site. Our exciting new Job Search site allows you to create your own profile, including photos that show your personality. Our employer search tools allow you to see where in the US our employers are located. You can search by location or by company type. Reviewing the detailed information available on employer that are of interest, you can decide which ones will be sent the option to review your application. You and your prospective employer will be able to communicate through the CCUSA Job Hunt site and receive and send Independent Job Offer forms. CCUSA will monitor all activity on the site to insure communication is timely and appropriate.

This invaluable guide provides everything you need to make your job search and work/travel experience more efficient and rewarding:
  • How to travel from place to place, finding accommodation and employment as you go.
  • Create a profile highlighting your skills and personality.
  • How to search for a job.
  • Many job listings, including salary, benefits, accommodation options.
  • Contact details of employers including e-mail addresses and websites.
  • How to find accommodation when not provided by the employer.
  • Advice on traveling around the USA.
  • What to do socially where you are working and living.
  • Hints on how to better understand American culture and its people.

Independent Job Offer Form
Our Job Offer form proves to your employer that you are an officially accepted CCUSA Work Experience participant with j-1 visa status. It also helps you confirm in writing your salary, benefits and job conditions.

How to Prepare Your Resume
Should you decide to find your own job outside of CCUSA’s Job Search site, our hints on preparing better documents for employer review will help you create a resume appropriate to the US.

Placement option:
We find you a job!
Not too sure where to start? Relax and let us do all the legwork by providing you with a job opportunity from one of our selected employers before you depart for the USA! Our Placement Option provides all the services of the Independent Option, plus a whole lot more.
This choice is perfect for those who have a lack of time and want peace of mind. For a little extra cost, CCUSA will save you time and money in the long run by doing all the work for you.

Personal Interview
We interview you on behalf of the employers to ensure you get the job that suits you best. Our USA placement staff gets to know you through your application form and interview. This personal contact enables us to find you a job in one of the employer types and locations you have selected.

Job Preference Form
By completing this form, you tell us what your preferences are regarding job type, location, housing, and employer category.We use this information to find you a job combining as many of these factors as possible. The earlier you complete your application arrives in the USA for the Placement Option, the greater your chances of having all of your preferences met.

Online Employer Directory
We give you a password to access this online directory that contains information about the employers on our placement program. Using the directory, you complete a Job Preference form and we will attempt to secure you a job meeting a combination of these preferences.

Job Offer Form
Once we secure your job, we send you detailed information about the company, the job and the area where you will live as well as travel details.